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Dawn discovered yoga in 2001 and found the impact of yoga to her injuries caused by other sports. In 2004, she completed her first yoga teacher training course taught by renowned senior yoga teacher Sravaniya DiPecoraro in International Yoga Institute and started teaching yoga in the institute then. Dawn has also followed Linda Shevloff, one of the top yoga teachers in Southeast Asia, to study Iyengar Yoga for many years. For furthering her knowledge of yoga and improving her teaching technique, Dawn has been India in 2008 to complete another yoga teacher training course recognized by Indian government in Yoga Vidya Gurukul and receive yoga training in different institutes in Kochin and Rishikesh, India. Dawn is also an international certified personal trainer of National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

  • Yoga Teacher Training Certificate by International Yoga Institute, Hong Kong.
  • Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (recognized by Government of India) by Yoga Vidya Gurukul, India.
  • STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor in Injuries and Special Populations
    STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, & Barrels.
    Fletcher Pilates Intensive Course
  • Pilates on Tour – Hong Kong 2012, Balanced Body
  • Fletcher Towelwork Licensing Course
  • Fletcher Pilates ABCs Course
  • Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Teacher Training,, The Yoga Space, Perth, Australia.
  • Certified Pilates Mat 1 & 2 Instructor from Balanced Body University (BBU)
  • International Certified Personal Trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences, Lingnan University.


Sitarani came in contact with yoga in 2001 when she started to enroll for some yoga courses and began to see the great benefits of yoga practice. She finished two yoga teacher training courses at IHFI and IYI in 2004 and 2005 respectively. She learnt a lot from the courses. Since 2005, she has been teaching in different private courts, private centres, companies, schools and community centers. Meanwhile, she has also participated in various yoga workshops organized by Iyengar Yoga Institute, Pure Yoga, Yogasana and YogaPlace.

During the recent years of her teaching, Sitarani has grasped some teaching techniques and gained much experience. She believes the greatest benefit is learning from the students which cannot be obtained in other training courses. Physically, her sense of body awareness and flexibility has increased. Her sleeping quality and health has significant improvement. Regarding her quality of life, her pace has slowed down to appreciate things around her and looks at things from different perspectives. Her heart is filled with joy and satisfaction. These are all treasure given by yoga.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Yoga Teacher Training Certificate by International Health & Fitness Institute.
  • Yoga Teacher Training Certificate by International Yoga Institute


In 2009, Cherie met her first yoga teacher Virgina. She has led her to understand more about yoga. During the journey of practicing different postures,  control breathing, focus and mediatation, she gradually finds the voice of her inner self and connects her body with mind as well as her soul.
Cherie encourages students to practise Asana in order to  strengthen their body and flexibility.Through proper breathing techniques (Pranayama), students can improve their concentration and the balance of their bodies and minds.


Yogini Wu
1998-2002 & 2005-2007
香港「國際瑜伽學會」 - 負責人及瑜伽導師
在印度西孟加拉瑪亞普聖城修讀瑜伽經典 :《Bhakti Sastri》及 《Bhaktivaibhava (I & II)》課程
註 :只收女學員。


Jarvis had his first yoga class long time ago but only until 2014 he found the right teacher who made him into regular practice. He completed his instructor training in 2017 with Sudevi Sundari.  
Yoga is not just about stretching. It is about body awareness, breathing, concentration and more. It is a way of living, an attitude and a direction. It is his pleasure to lead and go along the path together.
Jarvis很早已經開始接觸瑜伽,但直至2014年他遇到一位好老師,才開始恆常練習。他於2017年完成由導師Sudevi Sundari教授的瑜伽導師訓練課程。



加上受到美國老師Manouso Manos的啟發,令他繼續定期到美国及印度浦那深造。

Ray 的學堂上著重於從腳部穩定性到 髖關節部分 然後到上支及 軀幹 等 務求從支體認知及練習才能整合個人身心靈平靜及自我内在覺知。

Ray has been practicing yoga study since 2004. During these years of study and teaching , he deeply feels beneficial from both physically and mentally.

Moreover inspired by teacher Manouso Manos for ongoing practice and understanding of yoga in San Francisco and Pune, India regularly.


Ray's class focusing on the foundation from feet stability and mobility of lower limbs / hips to upper limbs and back and so on. 

In order to integrate the self-awareness of our being ; .the one needs to recognize what is happening to body.  With a well-balance physical status we may look at complexity of our inner self.



Namaste! My name is Deva. I have been practicing Hatha yoga (physical practice), Bhakti yoga (mantra meditation & spiritual sound vibration) and pranayam (breathing exercises) since my young age in a traditional style. These combined practises give immense benefits to the well-being of the body, mind and soul.  Not only do they improve the body flexibility and strengthen our muscles, they also help increase our blood flow, stabilise our heart rate, improve our focus and sleep and produce anti-aging effects.  Reduction in anxiety and increase in self awareness definitely helps us to connect to our very essence spiritually. Doing Yoga is always refreshing and getting charged with positive energy internally and externally.Namaste!

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